Insert a nickel. Pull the lever. What could be easier? This is the lure of nickel slots—absence or rules, of fear, of pressure, and of high stakes. Was it a decade ago when people enjoy the thrill that the slot machines provide? The sight of wheels spinning, the sound of quarters falling, and the feeling of triumph as one makes his ‘victory walk’ while gingerly holding the bucket full of nickels. But that was then.

Slot machines have caught up with the times. Nowadays, slots boast a multi-line full video reel screen with animation that abounds in every bonus round. The lever may be virtual, it could even be replaced by a button or icon; the sound of the coins falling may be drowned by the melody that echoes in chorus along with the animated screen. Heck! The tub of coins may even be substituted by a piece a piece of paper, but all of these changes do not rob the game of its essential equation, which is wager small = huge winnings.

Five dollar slots. Dollar slots. Quarter slots and nickel slots. People flock casinos to get to the slot machines, particularly the nickel slots. Where else in the Strip, or in any casino for that matter, can you have loads of fun with only fifty bucks? Even if you only have a twenty, same will provide hours and hours of slotstastic fun! Some people see slot machines as a gradation. They will start with nickel slots then to the quarter slots. So on and so forth.

But then there are individuals who play for the opportunity to beat the slots and reap hundred folds, or jingles in this case. Gamers belonging in this category are keen to notice the machine’s weak points. They may discover ‘loose’ slot machines or they may utilize the internet to find common equipment flaws. This could work for one player but could fail another. It should be noted that no single slot machine is arranged and set-up in the same manner. A trick may work in nickel slots but not in dollar slots.

Also, it has been sensationalized that the management controls the outcome of slots, whether it be nickel sots or otherwise. Then there’s the random generator, a contraption that generates random numbers, even if no one is using the slots machine. The only way to beat slots equipped with this is to pull the lever or hit the button at the right moment. No strategy, no management control, just plain luck.