That depends on where the online casino is hosted. In some locations you simply cannot. Some of the difficulty is based on the international transfer factor. In other cases, though it is thanks, in part, to decisions of The United State’s legal system. Both have proven effective in slowing the growth of a blossoming global industry.

The specific Act in question is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. (When dealing with legal issues, it is vital that you have the most recent and official information. Please consult your local authorities for up to the minute information before taking any action.) Technically though, this Act does not make online gambling illegal. It regulates the flow of money. Specifically it makes it illegal for funds in The United States to transfer money with an online gambling account. That is what is making things rather difficult for many people that want to play games.

There is another significant point here though. This Act is reported to not take affect until December of 2010. That gives all the financial institutions and individuals an opportunity to get into line with the specific regulations of the Act. Of course there is opposition. Some of the financial transfer that are restricted actually occur with what have been ruled as legal online gambling. This particular point along with others is the focus of a number of groups.

There is domestic and international pressure for The United States to open its borders to online gambling. As of yet though, there is no definite course of action. There are plans being made, including one already brought before lawmakers that would end the possibility of the UIGEA ever taking affect!

In regard to online gambling the World Trade Organization has taken the stance that intentionally inhibiting the industry is in violation of a number of international agreements. A number of other countries are also on the cusp of changing their direction regarding online gambling. What may occur is a string of nations simply turning in unison. Until then some people are continuing to find ways to fund their offshore online casino accounts from within The United States.