Brussels will now be able to attract more tourists as a new place giving pride to leisure and other casino games has just been created. It is more precisely the Viage entertainment center that was inaugurated Thursday night. During the ceremony, a thousand people had the privilege of discovering a casino with 35 gaming tables, 370 slot machines, poker rooms, but also bingo rooms and rooms reserved for casual players. Apart from this, the Viage entertainment center also has a theater that can accommodate 1,000 people.

For those who are passionate about culinary arts, the two downtown restaurants are made for them. To know that everyone is welcome in this leisure center and not only the celebrities of the entertainment world. DJs and other artists who prefer more intimate concerts will find something for them. This new establishment will benefit in many respects from the city of Brussels thanks to the 20 million euros that will go into the fund of the region but also the influx of tourists without forgetting the creation of at least 1000 direct and indirect jobs.