Casino Business Be Aware Of Common Pitfalls

At a glance, you may think that all online businesses (especially a particular casino business undertaking) look so smashingly famous and wonderfully successful that you may have the urge to go down the road to this business venture as well for yourself. Well, if this is your impression, that’s a good one. But, sorry to […]

The Place Wager And The Come Wager

Some craps expert wannabee who makes a Pass Bet or a come bet without taking the odds into consideration is a total moron. Same as with the Do Not Pass and Do Not Come Wager. The main reason is that supporting these wagers with odds will bring down the casino advantage considerably. Such players will […]

Kicking The Fancy Play Syndrome

Casino players have created their own lingo much to the dismay of ordinary Joes that walk the street. Casino lingo include terms that are unusually funny and some make no sense whatsoever. There is a term used gamblers called the Fancy Play Syndrome. The syndrome is actually a state of mind that players feel […]

Nickel Slots Low Stake Gambling

Insert a nickel. Pull the lever. What could be easier? This is the lure of nickel slots—absence or rules, of fear, of pressure, and of high stakes. Was it a decade ago when people enjoy the thrill that the slot machines provide? The sight of wheels spinning, the sound of quarters falling, and the feeling […]